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    Of all the new Cartoon Network and Adult Swim shows available through Netflix right now, I thought this one deserved some special mention.

    And I couldn’t make another slide for it, but the MUSIC is incredible too.

    This should be shown in schools.

             - [adult swim] fan

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    Costume designer Milena Canonero:

    The costume, like the scenery, are fundamental things. The dress is the skin of the character that the actor uses to become someone else.
    Milena Canonero was born in Turin (Italy) in 1946. Since her teenage year she developed an interest for the art world as proven by her studies. As a designer for advertising she had the opportunity of meeting numerous film directors; but the encounter with Stanley Kubrick was the fateful one, as they will collaborate together in several occasions. Kubrick gave her first costume designer job for A Clockwork Orange, followed by Barry Lyndon which gave her the first Oscar - the others being for Chariots of Fire and Sofia Copplola’s Marie Antoinette . (x) (x)

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    Today is earth day

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    Dead Kennedys

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    DOPESMOKER… Just in case ;) 

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